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Crossroads World Missionaries





We have been involved in bible school development over our missionary career.  As the principal of Tonga Theological College, I taught future pastors and teachers.  Many of our students are pastors of Tongan churches today.  Also, we focused on training our graduates to become teachers.  We were able to produce a teaching staff of local pastors that teach biblical topics with the added benefit of practically applying these principles to their local congregations.  In Moldova, the focus was church planting at the Moldova Theological Seminary.  After graduation, the students planted churches.


While we were in Moldova, a Communist Youth Camp was purchased.  This camp consisted of 10 house type dormitories, and several other buildings.  Because there was the problem of many street children without parents, the concept of a home style orphanage was developed.  Ten houses were remodeled for around $25,000.  House Parents from the church were selected and 8 to 10 children were added to create a family type atmosphere.  The children were then sent to school and were trained in a trade so when they graduated, they would have a skill.  We were able to help raise funds for 7 of the houses at Bethany while we were in Moldova.


Since we worked with training pastors, many students went to new areas to start churches.  We were able to help them to find buildings, or help with remodeling costs.  Some of our older pastors were meeting in their houses for years waiting and praying for a chance to have their own church building.  We were able to help 6 new church projects in Tonga, and 41 church projects in Moldova.